Finding yourself again through Masterminding

“Fine tuning life before, during and after children” is my mantra and  doing that is a process.  Not one to be left for another time, one that needs to be thought of and chipped away at day after day.

One day a few years ago I was watching Oprah  Sarah, the Duchess of York, was discussing how she was a simple girl who all of a sudden was a princess and now, if not for her ex-husband helping her, she would be homeless. It really hit home with me.

How could that be?  Well, she explained that it was all too much and how she lost herself during it all, something I think many women experience once they marry and the children come along.  Of course her situation is of a whole different caliber then yours and mine I would think, but in the end, the result is the same.   We get caught up in what is expected of us , what our children and our families need, and we get lost.

I also think once you leave the work force to stay home that’s when the sense of loosing yourself begins. But FEAR NOT!! I’m here to tell you (with sword in hand ready to conquer!) you can once again find the hidden spark that made you shine long before you changed those diapers and started “mom’s taxi service.”

One way to do that is around your dining room table or if you have little ones sit on the floor!  Yes it’s that simple!  Get together with your friends and start talking… talking about your ambitions, what you want to do with the rest of your life.  You will be surprised what will happen.

I know this first hand because 2 years ago last September my friends and I met for lunch one day and Evelyn had a brainstorm!  She realized that we all had businesses that weren’t being marketed correctly or were stagnate and so that day became the beginning of our Mastermind Group.   Since then we have all blossomed and grown.

My idea of becoming an author, and bringing adoption, art and supplementation together began to grown and now it’s all coming together. I do portfolios for pre adoptive parents looking to adopt domestically, (my first video so I’m a little camera shy). Along with that I help support parents with their behavioral challenges with the Total Transformation Program ( click the widget on the sidebar).  This crazy idea I had two years ago, is coming alive and I have accomplished more than I could have imagined that first day we all sat down.

The group has changed a few times since it started but the change has always been because a person hit their goal and left the group to pursue the job they set out to get.

New people have joined and new ideas come about week after week and the drive and dreams we all have are really materializing!

So see what 4 women started around my dining room table? It’s been life changing.. I suggest if you have the itch for a change get some friends, it’s free and freeing at the same time. Remember life passes quickly you don’t want to look in the mirror one day and say “Where did the person I used to be go?”

Just take a quick look at my dreams coming true….

To pull all of this together I am fine tuning my plan that will be unveiled soon.  It is being formulated to help YOU get through the adoption process before, during and after you have come home.

It is a new concept that is getting great reviews and I will keep you updated.  In the meantime take a look at my site there are things there that can help you now.

You can also sign up to get 2 Free Chapters of my upcoming book “From Half to Whole” on there!

For more support if you feel that is missing in your life join us at  it is a closed group that only members can see.

Until next time… All the Best



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